About Safe2Drive.ca

We are located within British Columbia (BC), Canada. As such, you can be guaranteed that we will provide you with ministry approved driving courses as per British Columbia’s regulations. We accept students from everywhere and once you enroll as a learner you can be guaranteed that we will not compromise on the quality of training that you will receive.

Our lessons are standard and all students under a specific package get the same experiences and privileges. Regardless of the package of choice, you will still get very comprehensive theoretical as well as practical training that impart the required skills and attitudes to keep you safe while on the road during and after the training.

Our team of dedicated instructors is composed of qualified professionals who have undergone thorough and relevant training to offer safe training. They are knowledgeable and patient professionals who understand the importance of teaching you confident and responsible driving skills. Therefore, you can be guaranteed that by the end of the training you will have learnt the best driving habits from the best driving instructors that BC can offer.

Our packages ensure that the routine of your occupation is not affected. We have flexible lessons that are tailored specifically to ensure that you can learn diving while still continuing with your other occupations like school or work. Our training vehicles have automatic transmissions and are representative of a typical modern car. Your in-car lessons are private and you also get to put your skills to test by using our road test cars. We ensure that whatever you learn is relevant to the current motor technology standards so that by the time you complete the course you can operate a vehicle very effectively. Furthermore, the lessons are designed in such a way that you can learn to be an individual driver and at the same time a heavy duty vehicle driver.