Marijuana Driving Affects

I was just browsing my Google Now feed on my smartphone when I came across this interesting article that published the findings of a new research study by researchers at University of Iowa. The results of this research study were quite interesting so I thought I should write about it and share it on our blog.......

Volvo is coming with Self Driving Cars

Volvo is joining hands with Autoliv Inc. to create a new company that will develop self-driving systems for auto industry. The name of the new company is yet to be decided but Volvo has confirmed that it will begin operations in coming year in Sweden......

Elon Musk with Tesla Model 3

Everyone who knows their cars is going nuts for the all-electric new Tesla Model 3, and for all the right reasons. The Tesla Model 3 promises to comfortably seat five adults, go from 0 to 60 in under six seconds, achieve a 215-mile range on a single charge and includes all the usual autopilot features. You get all these for $45, 120

Future of Self Driving Cars

If you’re still among the many people who believe that self-driving cars are the stuff of science-fiction – or that they won’t make an appearance for another decade or so – you may be surprised to learn that these machines are closer to materializing on roads than you thought, In fact, Google has already begun production of the driverless vehicles, in order to start testing them as soon as possible......

Winter Driving Tips

It is no doubt that driving in winter season increases the chances of crashes on the road. No matter how skilled and safe you consider yourself, it’s a fact that change in whether conditions such as fog, rain and ice on the road affects every driver. For people who like to think of winter as just normal, here is a stats from ICBC police reported data which confirms that....

No Driving Fear

Driving Phobia or fear of driving is when a person starts to see the activity as a dangerous or life threatening activity and is no longer capable of sitting on the driver’s seat or to drive on highways. It has affected many people and the numbers keep going up each decade. It actually might not be any increment in the number of affected people but could be....


Passing the road test is the last step to get your driving license in BC (and probably in other provinces/states too). So getting ready for your road test is very important. This final test will determine if you are going to get your license or not.


Getting a driver’s license is a must if you want to drive around and enjoy the beauty of British Columbia, Canada. First of all, BC does not have a standard license for driving all sort of vehicles such as cars, taxis, busses and bikes. You will need a different license if you want to drive a motorcycle, bus or a car.