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Classes for Teenagers

Are you looking for classes for your kids or perhaps you want to get your hands on driving for the first time? Just come to us and our instructors got you covered. We have professional driving instructors with years of experience in driving.

Classes for Adults

We have professional instructors who are here to help you get the license you want no matter how naive you are. They are the people who know the rules and traffic laws. We work on your weaknesses and help you get rid of old habits in driving.

Affordable Prices

We make sure that we charge appropriate fees so that we can serve maximum people who want help in getting their license. Our price is affordable for everyone but that does not lower the quality of our services.

Are you new to driving? Don’t worry, we will offer you an opportunity to get on the road under very easy and relaxed terms. We will give you the freedom to live by your own schedule and not rely on those who know how to drive to take you from one place to another. In training with us, you will also extend the same privilege to parents, partners and guardians who will get time to commit to other activities rather than dropping and picking you. Here, we offer the best quality of driving courses for beginners, intermediates, advanced and foreign learners. We are always committed to ensuring that you get skills for becoming a safe and defensive driver. Our courses are fully certified by the provincial government of British Columbia and therefore we will offer you the full package of in-class training as well as in-car training.

Why Choose Us

There are multiple reasons why we are the best driving school around in Surrey and nearby area. We not only give our learners personal attention but we also ensure that whatever is taught is practical and in accordance with the relevant legal requirements. We have a whole fleet of vehicles that are adequate for all our learners to learn and go on road tests. Basically, the reasons why you should book us now cannot be exhausted. Some of them are:

We are certified: we are legally certified to offer driving lessons. This means that we are a legitimate driving school that can take you through the whole course from start to end in the most learner friendly manner possible. It also means that our services have been evaluated and confirmed to be according to the required legal standards of BC and Canada. Therefore, whatever you stand to learn by enrolling with us is in fact what you should learn before you become a licensed driver in Canada.

Relevant knowledge: our courses are tailored to ensure that whatever you learn is whatever you need to know. Due to the changes in technological and legal environments associated with vehicles, we always revise our lessons to suit the real life. For example, all our cars have automatic transmission just as is the case with your car that you will drive once you complete the course. Thus by enrolling with us you can be guaranteed to avoid undesired situations like a mismatch between what you have learned and what you are actually required to do in an actual car and road.

Private in-car lessons: whereas some driving schools will deny you personalized attention; we always ensure that you get it at all necessary times. Our in-car lessons are designed in such a way so that whenever you are in the driver’s seat you get 100% attention from our highly experienced instructor. This ensures that you get to raise whatever questions and concerns that you might have and they will be handled right there and then. It also ensures that the instructor is patient enough to train you step by step as you are his only concern at that particular time.

Flexibility: our lessons are flexible in terms of hours that they are offered. You can browse through this website to confirm the timings that are convenient enough for you. We acknowledge the importance of your regular schedule as much as we acknowledge your need to become a competent driver. Therefore, we are always committed to ensuring that we can offer you the opportunity to do both. Our flexibility also extends to your personal needs. We offer driving packages that range from personal cars to heavy duty vehicles.

Safety: your safety is our concern. We do not and we will never put the life of our learners in danger. To ensure that we abide by this principle, all our vehicles have a sign on the roof that indicates that it is a driving school vehicle. They also have dual mirrors as well as twin break pedals. Ultimately, we do not leave learners in vehicles without the supervision of an instructor.

If you desire to become a competent driver and save on your insurance, book us today and enroll for driving lessons. Enrollment is continuous and you can get your spot within our academy any time you wish to book. Please browse through our website to get more information.

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